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My cat kept trying to sit on my keyboard and I had to keep taking her off so finally I put another keyboard beside it that’s not plugged in and now she sits on it all proud and shit like she won the battle.

Distribution of the Power of Grayskull: Me vs Everyone Else

Dry Pork and Seaweed Donut.

I think it’s time they put the cocaine back in Coca Cola

The Empire in Star Wars wasn’t all bad. Remember that time they gave Han free dental care


  • girl: i want it so bad. give it to me daddy
  • me: okay *hands over wallet*
No 1990’s allowed

No 1990’s allowed

I hope the US Mint stops making pennies just so I can watch all the 99 cent stores go out of business

How did they come up with 13 being the minimum age for Tumblr? With some of the shit I’ve seen on here I’m pretty sure it should be at least 30.

I will hate rich people until the day I die or become one