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  • lesbian: Mom, dad, you know that saying, "You are what you eat"
  • parents: Yes
  • lesbian: Well, I'm a vagina


When I say we need to stop being selfish and go down on eachother more I expect a lot of support I dont need y’all hanging me out to dry.

find someone who loves you as much as kanye loves himself



when your blog gets popular enough to get anon hate



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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Making jokes about a woman's nudes being posted WITHOUT HER CONSENT is not tasteful. I hope at one point you'll realize how immature it is to make jokes like that, maybe if your daughter's nudes ends up on the internet - 'cause we live in a culture where young girls are pressured into displaying themselves as sexual objects whether or not you want to accept that. Honestly I find it tasteless and embarrassing for you that you'd even make a joke like that. Please just consider this.
matthewsagan matthewsagan Said:

If you noticed I strongly renounced the hacking of J Law’s nudes. Then I added a punchline because I joke about everything. Then I went to google and looked up the nudes and drooled on my keyboard.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Stop belittling a big problem. You are just as bad as the pigs who hacked her photos. You are scum
matthewsagan matthewsagan Said:

First of all, pigs are incapable of hacking photos. Granted, they’re pretty intelligent creatures, but even non-human primates wouldn’t be able to complete such a complicated task. (Not even Coco the sign language gorilla) Only a human being could have hacked those photos.

Second, I’m not scum. Scum is actually a collection of small eukaryotic organisms, like algae. So an individual can not really be scum as it’s really a term for a group of organisms.

Whoever you are you really should have paid more attention in biology class.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
where can i see the nude
matthewsagan matthewsagan Said:

It’s on the Internets. The Internets are a series of tubes that connect computers around the world so people can view cats and pornography.

when u thinkin about your crush and suddenly u find yourself


I’m guessing Magneto’s favorite band is Metallica

Not gonna send you anon hate on the internet